About Us

Who we are

We are a non-for-profit association dedicated to the development of educational and cultural programs for children to promote Latino American culture and language. 

Classes are held on Saturdays during the school term at 13.30 – 15.30 at 17 Smith Street, Walkerville, SA 5081. 

More than 25 years providing educational and cultural services to the Latino American community in Adelaide.


Our mission

The School was established to maintain and promote Latino American heritage, culture and language here in South Australia. 

The Latino American community in SA is made up of families and individuals from a variety of American nations from across Latino America and the Caribbean, including elements of Indigenous, Polynesian, African and European Culture. 

Our aim is to provide a cultural foundation and identity for our children, awareness of of our rich multicultural background, as well as language learning in Latino American Spanish  (Castellano)

Our values





Teaching Centre and programs

We run a Junior and Upper Primary classes with a focus on Latino American Spanish (Castellano) and Culture.

Latino America y el Caribe

Our integrated cultural program encompasses the cross section of Indigenous, Polynesian, African and European heritage of Latino America - the rich tapestry that defines our people, history and continent.

American Flags

America: A Continent not a Country